Employability Networks arise from a search for a response to the complex social problem of unemployment and are part of the Territorial Animation principles and the Supported Employment methodology developed by the Portuguese Association for Supported Employment (APEA). Its current model is born from a path of collaboration between AKF Prt, APEA and RUMO, Cooperativa de Solidariedade Social.

The Employability Networks are constituted by public, social and private profit or non-profit organizations that share the same concerns regarding the challenges of employability and socio-economic inclusion in a given territory and which they develop: a concerted and integrated action to increase training, access and access to the labor market; strategies to minimize the difficulties that are present in this access, promoting integrated and appropriate responses of insertion, that make profitable resources, allow the sharing of information and the better knowledge of the territories of intervention.

They are presented as a form of collaborative work, co-participation and an integrated multidisciplinary approach between partners that combine efforts to make their action more comprehensive and effective in accessing employment opportunities, promoting entrepreneurship, in relation to entrepreneurs and business / commercial associations, and the strengthening of the employability skills of the population, of the technicians who work on employability issues, and the reinforcement and training of entrepreneurs. It is based on strengthening the internal performance of each partner while simultaneously exploring their complementarities and capturing new resources when necessary.

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